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14-03-15 The Real Americans Are Not "Real Americans"
14-03-01 So Gay about Rights
14-02-15 Creationism versus Evolutionism: Ham versus Nye
14-02-03 Down and Out in New Mexico and Las Cruces
14-02-01 Obama’s Presidency—Toward an Adverse Assessment
14-01-18 SCOTUS: Undemocratic and Anti-Democratic
14-01-04 Fundamentalist Christian and Reform Jew: An Exchange about Christmas
13-12-21 "Free Market" Is a Swindler's Fiction
13-12-14 Is Christmas Necessary?  It Depends.
13-12-07 Why More Testing for Public Education in New Mexico?
13-11-23 Can You Believe--Think Tanks in New Mexico
13-11-22 Another Date Which Will Live in Infamy
13-11-09 If You Want to Be Equal, Work Harder
13-11-06 Dumb and Dumber-Common Core Dumbs Us Down Even More
13-10-26 Tea Partiers Are People, Too, My Friend
13-10-19 Nissen vs. DACC and NMSU—Eye Opener and Game Changer
13-10-12 Knowing Jesus; Believing in Christ
13-09-28 Social Engineering in Public Education to Serve Government and Business Interests
13-09-14 Revitalizing Public Education, not Ruining It with “Reforms”
13-09-09 To Attack or Not to Attack Syria—That Is the Question
13-08-31 Rotten to the Core: Common Core State Standards
13-08-17 Privatization Is Parasitism Exploiting and Impoverishing Public Education
13-08-17 Racism in Profiling, Voting Rights, Advisory Notice on LCCC Testimony (3)
13-08-04 Anti-Abortionists: Ignorant, Arrogant, Intolerant
13-07-28 Anthony Weiner's Wife: "A Woman of Valor"
13-07-20 End Affirmative Action
13-07-17 That Conversation about Race Which We Are Supposed to Have
13-07-07 GOP: Grand, No; Old, Yes; Party, Over
13-07-06 The Sorg Perversion
13-06-22 Edward Snowden: Traitor, Patriot, or Something Else?
13-06-21 Bait and Switch: Las Cruces Golf Course Re-Zoning Proposal
13-06-12 Anti-Abortion Arguments and Their Unavoidable Failures 
13-06-08 NAACP--Its Slide toward the Dark Side of Its Force
13-06-05 SNAFU: Situation Normal, A Fiasco Underway, or Las Cruces Plans for a Boondoggle
13-05-25 Obama--No Hope of Audacity
13-05-18 The Establishment Is Nervous about NMSU’s New Presiden
13-05-11 Sex and the Services
13-05-05 Local Oxymorons: NMSU Education, Las Montanas Education
13-04-27 A Politics of Literature and Live, or What Does King Lear Have to Do with Me?
13-04-12 Gun Control: Whom Do Udall, Heinrich, and Pearce Represent? [same as foregoing w/new title]
13-04-10 Whom or What Do Representatives Represent?
13-03-29 Second Amendment Does Not Prohibit Gun Control
13-03-27 My Same-Sex Marriage Avowals
13-03-16 Spending Problem: Military Boondoggles for White-Collar Workfare
13-03-09 Learning Lessons from Recent Wars
13-03-03 The Left Lies on Nuclear Power (as the Right Lies on Guns)
13-02-23 Gunboys--What Is Their Problem?
13-02-16 The Second American Civil War
13-02-02 Is New Mexico a Failed State?
13-01-30 Let's Go to the Dogs--A Tribute to Cowboy
13-01-26 DACC Nursing Program Report and Its Chances of Losing State Accreditation
13-01-19 A Democrat by Any Other Name Is a Democrat, or Being Social without Being Socialist
13-01-06 Stupid Is as Stupid Says, and Stays So--Why?
12-12-22 Assault Weapons, Politicos, Psychos, and the Second Amendment
12-12-15 Assault Weapons Are for Murdering Dears
12-12-08 Education Reform Needs to be Reformed
12-12-01 Government and Growth in Las Cruces
12-11-24 John McCain: Sham Hero, Real Shame
12-11-19 Thanksgiving Blessing(s)
12-11-15 Regents Pretend to Transparency in NMSU Presidential Search
12-11-09 Post-Election Ode to Billie Joe and Betty Lou
12-11-03 If Republicans Take Washington: Four Predictions and One Speculation (8)
12-10-27 Perils of Exceptionalism: Making War in the Muslim World
12-10-24 Alberson: Untrustworthy in Character and as a Candidate [local only]
12-10-20 Alberson vs. Soules--Contrasting Candidates in NM Senate District 37
12-10-13 NMSU’s Giveaway Deserves a “No” Vote on Bond Issue #3
12-10-10 Campaign Debates: Ignore the Math; the Issues, not the Numbers, Matter
12-10-06 Sex, Secret Agendas, and Stealth Candidates
12-10-03 Regents Disclose What They Meant to Hide
12-10-01 Is Couture a Scapegoat for the Greater Sins of Others?
12-09-29 Con Job: Privatizing Government
12-09-29 Republicans Attack 47 Percent of the Franchise and Then Some
12-09-26 Couture on Leave - Where Does It Leave NMSU?
12-09-19 Romney, American Royalist
12-09-16 Bomb, Bomb, Bomb--Bomb, Bomb Iran//Bombing Iran--A Really, Really Bad Idea
12-09-15 Romney--Much Ado about a Nobody
12-09-09 Class Warfare: Who's Winning
12-09-05 The Race Is On [The Better Horse: Secretariat or Seabiscuit]
12-09-01 Why Christians Fail when They Fail
12-08-30 The Romney/Ryan Strategy: “Bain-Capitalize” the Federal Government
12-08-25 Reconsidering Abortion and Considering Candidates
12-08-21 DCAA’s Loss of Accreditation Discredits Local Leaders & Note on Regents' Meeting
12-08-18 Two Stories of a Small Town Stifling Free Speech, and a Moral
12-08-15 Nursing Wounds at Dona Ana Community College and New Mexico State University
12-08-11 America Is Exceptional for Its Mass Murders
12-08-08 Regarding Harbison [local; not posted]
12-08-04 My Theory of Everything
12-08-02 Obama vs. Romney: The Difference in Their Records
12-07-21 Supreme Court Conservatives Convert Democracy to Oligarchy
12-07-17 Why Romney Dodges Disclosure
12-07-14 The Tea Party Declares Its Independence on the Fourth
12-07-07 Dumbing Down Democracy
12-06-23 Romney Disses Hispanics; Leaks of Secrets Do No Harm
12-06-09 Hot Topics: Forest Fires, Same-Sex Marriages, and Abortions for Gender Preferences
12-06-07 On Wisconsin: Plutocratic Politics
12-05-26 Brown Farm Fiasco--The Saga of Foibles and Failures Continues
12-05-23 Hooks's Lines Are Sinkers: "Republicans Don't Hate"
12-05-12 Thinking in the Tank: Sinking by the Rio Grande Foundation
12-04-28 Secret Agendas, Stealth Candidates--All Republican
12-04-15 Supplement to Blog on Dismal Science
12-04-14 Dismal Performances by Local Practitioners of the "Dismal Science"
12-04-13 Sundry Political Reflections
12-03-31 Christianity under Attack in America
12-03-17 Evaluating Teachers--Good Luck with That
12-03-14 Heather Wilson Knows Little and Cares Less about "Religious Liberty"
12-03-12 Out of Afghanistan--Yesterday If Not Earlier
12-03-07 Rio Grande Foundation on Shaky Foundations
12-03-03 Keeping Company with Republicans
12-03-03 Republicans Have a Sense of Humor
12-02-22 Republican Leaders Abandon First Principles to Wage War on Women
12-02-18 "Math Wars"--Another Front in the "Culture Wars"
12-02-10 Exorcising or Exercising Religion—or Neither of the Above?
12-02-05 The Pre-Election Resurgence of Republican Racism
12-01-21 No Public in the "public" Schools
12-01-11 Moving the District Forward to Mediocrity
12-01-07 Education Reform in New Mexico--Impediments and One Proposal for Now
11-12-23 The Story of Christmas and the Sources of Anti-Semitism
11-12-10 Say "Yes" to Class Warfare
11-11-24 Doing One’s Duty to Constituents and Country
11-11-12 Boomers and Boomlets Going Bust
11-10-29 The State of Israel Is in a Sorry State
11-10-26 Jeopardizing Public Trust in High School Redistricting, Transition, Transfers 
11-10-18 His Plays Were Written by Another Man Named Shakespeare

11-10-15 The Tea Party Is God's Own Party
11-10-02 Privatizing America--Impoverishing Democracy
11-09-17 The Hidden Agenda of Ending Social Promotion
11-09-12 Ending Social Promotion
11-09-09 Open Letter to Gen Mitchell, of the Las Cruces Tea Party
11-09-03 Governments' Brown Farm Fiasco
11-08-20 Obama, Leadership, and Election Rejection
11-08-17 Jim Harbison's Communitarian Nonsense
11-08-07 Communitarianism: A Guide to the Unacceptable and the Criminal
11-08-01 The American Revolution of Declining Expectations
11-07-24 Unintended Consequences of Women’s Liberation
11-07-09 Justice Done
11-07-01/02 In Memoriam
11-06-25 Gessing’s Reactionary Federalism: Misreading the Constitution for Misleading Policies
11-06-11/20 A Word on Anthony Weiner
11-06-11 Preliminary Prognostications
11-05-14 Religion—Belief or Conduct: My Credo
11-04-30 Reflections on the Royal Wedding
11-04-16 Shakespeare Professors and Tea Partiers
11-04-02 "A Modest Proposal" (a la Jonathan Swift) to Discourage Abortions
11-03-19 The Consequences of Natural Catastrophes Are Man-Made
11-03-05 Considering the Constitution in Celebrating the Fourth
11-03-02 Huckabee for . . . Fox Commentator
11-02-19 Behold the Wonders of the Free Market
11-02-07 Masking the Truth about Mosques
11-01-22 Targeting Abuses of the Second Amendment
11-01-08 Accountability in Public Education
10-12-27 Failed Presidency of Barack Obama
10-12-12 Palin by Comparison
10-11-27 The Weaker Sex
10-11-13 Merit and Money in Public Education
10-10-30 Election Intimations and Anticipations
10-10-23 Talking Ourselves out of Democracy
10-10-16 The Election Campaign Is a Wake-up Call
10-10-09 We Remain Passengers on the Mayflower
10-10-02 Giving Public Education the Business
10-09-18 Who Can Win the Culture War?
10-09-08 The Sins of the Many Are Visited upon the Few
10-09-03 Wake Me when the Election Is Over
10-08-21 The GOP: A Gathering of Prejudices
10-08-17 You Have Constitutional Rights, but You Should Not Exercise Them (1)
10-08-07 Flip-Flopping on Democracy
10-08-02 Sea of Love, State of Hate
10-07-24 Dumb Enough to Diminish America
10-07-21 The Shirley Sherrod Story: Does Anyone Belive in Truth or Right?
10-07-10 Double Standard in the Middle East
10-06-26 Is America a "Christian Nation"
10-06-23 What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
10-06-12 Identity Politics and Public Education
10-06-06 Palin by Comparison
10-05-29 Fixing Public Education: Its Future Should Recover Its Past
10-05-17 It's Elementary: Education Is What Teachers Teach
10-05-01 Go Nukes—Nuclear Power in America’s Twenty-First Century
10-04-17 Evolution vs. Whatever
10-04-13 Memos on Meanness and Mendacity
10-04-04 Shoot to Kill the Second Amendment
10-03-25 Once "Never, "Now "No"
10-03-25 Encouraging the Republicans--Just Kidding
10-03-20 Abortion and the Conception of Life
10-03-19 Midweek Musings on Health Insurance Reform
10-03-06 Do Americans Vote against Their Interests?
10-02-20 It's Time to Mess with Texas
10-02-19 A Three-State Solution in the Middle East
10-02-06 Talking about Talking about Race
10-01-23 Sympathizing with Tea Party Members
10-01-09 Strangers in the Land of Egypt
09-12-26 The GOP's Four Truths and the Economics of Reality
09-12-12 What to Do about "All Men Are Created Equal"?
09-11-28 Divided We Are Failing
09-11-20 Let Palin Be Palin
09-11-13 Are We All Multiculturalists Yet?
09-10-30 The Failing Obama Presidency
09-10-16 Reflections on the War in Afghanistan
09-10-11 Obama's Nobel Peace Prize
09-08-03 Reply to Leon Panetta, CIA Director
09-07-31 Test Scores and Teacher Ratings
09-07-30 Review of Generation Me
09-07-16 Buchanan on Sotomayor (& of Thomas)
09-07-15 Random Thoughts
09-07-14 Dunce Caps on Trade
09-07-11? Krauthammer Reliably Unreliable Again
09-07-11 Anti-Abortionism as Idolatry
09-07-09 Pelosi vs. Panetta
09-06-15 Krauthammer at It Again
09-05-23 I'm Telling You so that I Can Tell You, "I Told You So"
09-05-01 Exceptions to the Ban on Torture?
09-04-30 Strong, Two-Party System
09-04-27 Reforms-What Might Have Been and What Should Be
09-04-22 Republicans Defend Torture
09-04-18 If You're Brown, You Can Hang Around
09-04-16 Tax Talk and Talk and More Talk
09-04-14 It's a Taxing Day
09-04-11 Shooting from the Lip
09-03-21 AIG Is Us
09-03-19 Ladies First
09-03-14 Paying More for Nothing More
09-03-08 Working Their Way through College
09-02-28 The Bridge--Prediction of Boondoggle and Debacle

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