Monday, November 19, 2012


I offer an account of one of my Thanksgiving blessings in the hope that my readers, especially the animal lovers among them, may reflect on theirs.

My Thanksgiving blessings begin with my wife and my children, but my list is long. My particular blessing this year, because of his limited time left, is Cowboy, my collie/chow “blend,” who has given his love to me for 13 years, to Jen for 11 years, and to his cat and dog companions since I adopted him as a puppy in 1999.

Cowboy was frail and suffering great pain 5 years ago; I was able to restore him to health. But I cannot, though I wish that I could, reverse the ravages of old age. He is very frail without any pain now. But his heart, his tongue, and his tail work just fine; he is happy to be surrounded by all six of us who love him; he still has the enthusiasm for life which comes from loving his extended, mixed family unconditionally and being loved unconditionally in return. He thus blesses all who live with him, and Jen and I know and feel ourselves blessed by him. We give thanks that he has graced our lives with his love.

We wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a long list of blessings to count.

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