Sunday, August 7, 2011


This column has been removed as duplicated by the "Jim Harbison's Communitarian Nonsense," which is essentially the same column. I hold this space only because of the two comments.


  1. Dr. Hays: This column I was not impressed with. I read the column from Harbison and wasn't all that impressed with it either.

    You state: "What matters to him is denigrating anything which he dislikes with a nasty-sounding term." So why do you proceed to copy his actions?

    This "liberal vs. conservative" fist fight has already shown in Washington that it is a waste of time and energy. Time and energy that could be put to better use by actually trying to look through the other person(s) eyes and see that compromise is possible.

    This column sounds like some of the retorts you posted in Topix before the LCSN dropped it. I was hoping you had gotten out of that mode, as I have enjoyed most of your columns here.

    Left versus right, no one wins.

  2. I have problems with your string of one-sentence assertions because they have nothing to support them. For example, I see no parallel between Harbison’s letter and my blog; certainly, I use no “nasty-sounding term.”
    Whether our differences reflect a “’liberal’ vs. conservative’” conflict is not clear to me. I am advocating nothing; I am addressing the implications or consequences of his charges that communitarianism makes certain items “unacceptable or criminal.” I disagree that “compromise is possible” in all cases. I have to think that you do not care much for the arguments, if that is what they are, on important subjects, but I cannot think of a better alternative to arms. Even compromise involves argument.
    Finally, this column is a reply to a letter. There are no retorts in it.
    For the future, either support your points or expect rejection.