Friday, July 1, 2011


Recently, in flood-control operations below our home, city/county workers wantonly ruined much of the habitat. A last-minute effort saved most, but not all, of a small “island” created by a mesquite tree. But it was too late to save the family of foxes crushed or buried alive in their den. The restoration of the habitat will not restore them.

The foxes have been resident in this area for as long as anyone in the neighborhood can remember. They were our friends. They walked our wall and visited our yard. They hunted white-winged doves attracted by our feeder. Their kits used the yard for natural purposes! I am told that my cat Edgar visited them at their den. Some of you may remember that our holiday card two years ago featured the picture of one adult resting just on the other side of our wall. I include the picture in memoriam of them all.

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