Tuesday, April 13, 2010


10 April. Responding to a local column about the way in which the Tea Party and other extreme conservatives or Republicans are forcing reasonable people to the left, one person questioned, ""When are you going to get it's NOT OK for our Congress, President and Supreme Court to continually violate the Constitution?!" I have of late become impressed with the number of Constitutional scholars walking around the streets and packing heat. Right now they are shooting off their mouths; pretty soon they will be shooting off their guns. But what they will not do is identify a single footprint from the trampling of the Constitution. My guess is that this person wants to restore that three-fifth of a person thing. More generally, a lot of people have been for democracy until a lot of other people included in the demos turned out not to be like them. We do not hear about democracy from them any more. We hear about Constitutional infringements, gun rights, and succession. This radical, rebellious, even treasonous talk receives support from my local paper. It censored my column "Time to Mess with Texas," which appears as a blog.

12 April. One Don McLeroy, recently defeated for re-election to the Texas School Board, made comments which clearly revealed that he does not know that history is based on facts from which historians draw inferences. He claims that it based on principles, which it is the business of school teachers to teach. His principles bear a marked resemblance to conservative or Republican--take your pick--doctrine. It is not about principles which may or may not guide people in the conduct of their lives. Consider that Texas joined the confederacy to protect state rights to enslave people, despite Jefferson's "principle" that "all men are created equal." McLeroy and the other members of the Texas School Board are, collectively, about indoctrination, not instruction. Their complaints about "liberals" distract from the connivances of "conservatives."

13 April. Rachel Maddow indulges scare tactics because she is anti-nuclear power. Tonight, she equated high-enriched uranium (HEU) used for weapons with low-enriched uranium (LEU) used in nuclear power reactors. HEU is over 20% enriched uranium, usually around 85% enriched uranium for weapons. LEU is about 3-5% enriched uranium for fuel rods. If she does not know the truth, she is irresponsible; if she knows the truth, she is a liar. Either way in this instance, she resembles all the people she exposes for ignoring the truth or lying about it. Which is it? Sad.

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