Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have noted four funny things about the local debate on the cap and trade legislation.

1. Residents of fossil fuel states oppose the cap and trade bill; residents in non fossil fuel states favor it. Funny how money buys people, who, at the first chance, turn around to complain about representatives who, they claim, sell out to special interests.

2. Opponents who think that members of the House and Senate actually read the bills which they vote on, or should be criticized for not doing so, have not a clue that they never have, never will, and should not. Staffers read it and advise accordingly.

3. Our pseudo-scientists who declare that CO2 is not a pollutant and does not contribute to global warming are Bushies who promote his idea of "best science," namely, the truth or untruth, whichever best serves corporate interests.

4. And GOP opponents suddenly declare their concern about poor people. Since when? They also espouse family values, then betray spouses and families. In both cases, I say zipper it up!

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